Antica Acetaia Toscana

Antica Acetaia Toscana

Castiglione della Pescaia - Maremma Toscana

An expression of love and a passion for the land and its products

Specialized in the production of Condiments with Wine Vinegar and Cooked Grape Must, following ancient family recipes such as the Etrusco Gran Riserva Condiment, and Monocultivar Grape Musts obtained from just one kind of Grape, the “Antica Acetaia Toscana” is a brand that has its origins in the Sienese descent of its founder’s, Stefano Boschi, “mamma”. As one of the few “Acetaia” in Tuscany we offer a wide range of High Quality products showing a clean and fine design, along with a number of Gift Ideas perfect to bring the taste of Maremma Toscana on your table every day.


Our wine vinegar is obtained from a selection of the finest Italian wines, acidified and refined in oak barrels.

A higher percentage of residual alcohol is left in order to exalt the complexity of aromas and the scent. A mild filtration maintains the vinegar’s typical qualities of aged wine, with its round and soft flavor.

Glaze 100% natural

Born from the lavoration of natural ingredients such as grape must, grape juice and Vinegar. Our passion for the re-discovery of traditional recipes, conceived and developed for a modern "cuisine", led us to create high-quality 100% natural glazes, which conserve every organoleptic property of the ingredients without adding any preservatives.

An unmistakable density and a unique concentration of fragrances and scents, make our glazes a valid alternative to traditional condiments.

Vinegar Mosto

Mosto Cotto is a grape must which is slowly simmered with wine vinegar. Then it is left to rest to allow the natural stabilisation of fermentation. Once this process is completed the must is stored to rest for several months in oak barrels to refine its qualities.

In this way it ripens developing a smooth soft round character with a heady aroma and taste with final notes of fruits typical of refined must vinegars.

Grape Must & Fruit

Long time ago, before cane sugar became available to sweeten foods in the Italian peninsula and islands, was used a dense, boiled-down juice extracted from clusters of the wine-growing berry fruit which has been cultivated here for several millennium, better known as the "Grape."
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