il Boschetto

Castiglione della Pescaia - Maremma Toscana

Passion and creativity

Love for our own land, passion and creativity; these are the elements that combine in every product Il Boschetto Maremma Toscana brings to the world.

Born from the experiences and skills of the founder in the Mixing of Spices and Risottos, il Boschetto wants to serve as a bridge between the Tuscanian and Italian excellence and the world, with its presence in some of the best Department Stores worldwide. High quality raw materials, captivating and innovative packaging make our products an extraordinary choice in many occasions, from everyday cooking to the present for the beloved ones.

Proper Laboratory

In 2001, another important piece of the puzzle that forms Il Boschetto was added. In order to enhance the production of Risottos, Grinders and mixes of Herbs & Spices a proper Laboratory was built in the area that is now the main production building of the company.


For a company to stand out from other companies around it and demonstrate itself to be ahead of its competitors and forward thinking, traditional methods must go hand in hand with investment in innovative technology and advanced production techniques.

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