Products from Nature

Our family has always been selecting and picking Earth’s fruits, especially olives and herbs&spices.

We have such a strong bond with them, that besides being always present in our recipes, we like to observe them, study them, discover their characteristics, healthy properties and combinations in the kitchen.

Our purpose is to share with you value, charm and goodness of these foods, bringing them to your tables, straight from Nature.

Cuisine has evolved

We grew up in a big kitchen where herbs and spices were stored in big jars full to the brim. Every day, our grandmothers experimented, mixed and tasted, looking for flavours and combinations to use on every dish with fantasy and knowledge.

Looking for flavors

Today, we get our hands dirty, as our grandmothers did once, to realize aromatic blends and find the best matches to offer to you.

The big kitchen turned into an advanced company laboratory, where we carry out our tasks thanks to modern and efficient technologies, but especially with lot of commitment and dedication.

Our is more than passion.