Il Boschetto - The History


The origins of a passion.

My family comes from Siena. Beginning of the 60’s we left the city to move to the native land of my paternal forefathers, in the countryside around Castiglione della Pescaia, in Tuscan Maremma. I found myself in a big farmhouse immersed in the olive trees, fruit trees and fields to farm.
I still distinctly recall the scents and the fragrances that surrounded me every moment of my day and that would influence my future life, that of my wife Luciana and that of my son Filippo. All began with those scents.
Each fragrance was a new experience to me, a sensation flowing inside me, which I couldn’t no longer do without. I grew up observing how herbs, spices, grains and legumes were dried for winter, to be then wisely mixed and used on every dish in the kitchen. I became passionate and learnt the art of blending, experimenting day by day.
It was more than passion right from the start.

We innovate tradition

The Boschi Family has been dedicated to the production of oil, vinegars, herbs, spices, legumes and grains since 1961. During the last years we have been personally taking care of our company, making innovative, brave choices, though preserving the culture by respecting traditions and territory, to which we are strongly bound. Tradition, passion and intuition are the leading qualities that made our family establish as one of Tuscany’s main producers of excellences in the agri-food world.

The company today

The company is located in Castiglione della Pescaia and expands itself on a wide production area, equipped with advanced highly - technological machinery, organized as follows:
- Oil Mill (three-phase continuous cycle, cold pressing)
- Acetaia
- Area for Herbs and Spices production
- Area for Oils and Vinegars production
- Warehouse for raw materials and semi-finished products